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B. Pharmacy

Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)

(w.e.f. 2016-17)


(2014 and 2015 admitted students)






Scheme of B. Pharma. (All Semester)

First Semester

Second semester

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Fifth Semester

 Six Semester

 Seventh Semester

Eight Semester

 M. Pharmacy

New Scheme ( w.e.f. 2017-18)

Old Scheme 


First and Second semester w.e.f. 2017-18

First  Year (Pharmcology) w.e.f 2015-16

First Year (Pharmaceutics)   w.e.f 2015-16

Second  Year (Pharmcology) w.e.f 2015-16

Third and Fourth semester w.e.f. 2017-18

Second   Year (Pharmaceutics)   w.e.f 2015-16

Third Semester(Pharmacology/Pharmaceutics)

Fourth Semester(Pharmacology/Pharmaceutics)

 D. Pharmacy

As Per PCI Scheme (w.e.f. 2021-22)

Old Scheme 


I Year

I Year

II Year

II Year